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© Chris Caliman

»COMING AND GOING by Tianlin Xu«

is now available on the rather splendid VoD Platform REALEYZ

© Gayk und Scheer van Erp

»LETTERS FROM WUPPERTAL full house in Rex Filmtheater Wuppertal on 12.10.2017«

Kim accompanied 4 of the 5 films as Line Producer and together with Paul White she created the film „Wicked Woods“.
The series was produced by Tanzrauschen e.V. and Mobile Dance.
Project Leader: Kerstin Hamburg, Art Director: Jo Parkes

© Di Yang

»Stopmotion across the worlds«

Quotation from Filmdienst

© Süleyman Kayaalp

»Treibsand for the mind«

From Mina – Das Kulturmagazin der Westdeutschen Zeitung (WZ) (in German)

© Konstantin Koewius

»DA GEHT WAS makes Education«

The mocumentary by Kim Münster at Filmsortiment Hamburg