COMING AND GOING is the feature-length documentary debut by director Tianlin Xu (China).
Two orphaned teenage brothers leave their remote mountain village behind to seek their fortune in two separate major cities. Meanwhile, their young neighbours anxiously await the return of their father, a migrant worker who left the village a year ago. This is the story of four boys from the Chinese countryside, their hopes and dreams, and the challenges they face.
Coming and Going offers an insight into the lives of some of the many millions of migrant workers in China today. Shot over the course of two years, the film follows two families and the hardships they endure. It documents family members‘ expectations, hopes, and excitement, along with their moments of disappointment and the pain of loss and failure. It’s a story that shows some of the lesser known consequences of China’s rapid economic growth.

  • Director: Tianlin Xu
  • DoP: Chris Caliman
  • Creative Producer: Kim Münster
  • Editor: Daniel Che Hermann

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  • FIRST STEPS Nomination 2015 in the category „documentary“
  • PRIZE One „Board of Director’s Award Winners“ of the North Carolina Film Awards, USA
  • PRIZE „Best Cinematography“ at the Oaxaca FilmFest, Mexico
  • PRIZE GOLD REMI at the 49. Annual WorldFest Houston, USA
  • Luis Espinal Prize at the Brazilian International Labour Film Festival / Mostra CineTrabalho, Brazil
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY for the section „Denied Location“ at the 14th Ischia Film Festival, Italy
  • SPECIAL MENTION for the section LE DONNE RACCONTANO at the 23. Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Italy
  • 19th Olympia International Film Festival for children and Young People (2016) Griechenland:
    Best Feature Documentary Director
    – comment: For her thorough observation of the characters and a stunning visual language focusing on the contrast between rural and urban Chinese society.